All you need to know about freelancer platforms and a list of the best freelance sites




All you need to know about freelancer platforms and a list of the best freelance sites

The idea of ​​self-employment on the Internet is that there is someone we can call a entrepreneur




This initiator has a specific project or several projects, and he wants to hire some people, remotely, to work on these projects, and he is searching for suitable “independents”, who can achieve the work he wants in the specified time.


On the other hand there are Freelancers who possess certain skills and want to employ these skills to get a job and thus material profit.


From here a lot of specialized freelance platforms arose, which work to bring together independents and entrepreneurs with each other in exchange for a percentage that these platforms take upon the completion of any project from both parties.


What are freelance platforms?

Self-employment platforms are websites that are specialized in self-employment. These platforms act as an intermediary between service providers and those who need these services.


You can disbelieve Lancer by registering on these platforms and obtaining an account with them, then you can do your account setup and publicize the services they provide.


On the other hand, business owners also create accounts on these platforms to request tasks and services.


Freelance platforms allow a professional Dashboard controller for both service providers and applicants. Self-employment platforms have a specific system and have conditions and laws for the conduct of work and the regulation of dealing with contracting parties.


In exchange for all of this offered by self-employment platforms, it maintains a certain commission for every successful sale made through it.


Important points about self-employment platforms

1- Freelance platforms differ according to the specialty, size or countries that are famous for, but most work with the same mechanism … It provides a reliable platform service for convergence between the seller and the buyer.


It provides a control panel for both parties and guarantees the rights of both parties, and in exchange it maintains a commission for every successful sale.


2- There are self-employment platforms based on the idea of ​​a fixed price for services, which are mostly specialized in small services. There are other platforms that rely on the idea of ​​the auction to determine the price, where the employer introduces the project and independents submit their prices.

Finally, the employer selects one of the independents to complete the project.


3- as a Lancer You will not get your profits from each individual customer, but you will get your profits grouped together from the self-employment platform itself.


4- Freelance platforms have specific methods of sending money to freelancers, and before registering on one of the platforms, you must familiarize yourself with the payment methods available and make sure that they suit you.


Among the most important and well-known methods of payment offered by freelance platforms are Paypal, Pioneer, Wire Transfer.


5- Freelance platforms have fixed laws and conditions to regulate the workflow between the parties, and whoever violates these laws may expose their account to a ban, so you should familiarize yourself with the terms and laws of the freelance platform before you start working through them.


6- Freelance platforms provide the advantage of communication through messages between the providers of the tasks and their applicants, this is a great advantage to better understand the project from its applicant, and to verify its idea and expectation about implementation, before starting implementation in a manner that may be wrong, or is different from what the customer wants.


7- Freelancers have an evaluation system. After each successful contracting process, the applicant will evaluate you as Kafr Lancer, and he can also write a comment that will be available to everyone later. These assessments substantially contribute to your success on the self-employment platform.


So you should do your best to get positive reviews every time.


Best freelance platforms
The Fiverr platform

The Fiverr platform is the first, most important and most popular freelance platform in the Internet world, and it is a platform that specializes primarily in small services that start at $ 5, but recently this platform includes all kinds of services that may be priced up to $ 10,000.


Explanation of Fiverr website (explanation of the control panel and the steps of buying and selling)
How to profit from Fiverr (comprehensive guide 2020)

Standalone platform

In it, a large number of projects are announced and are not limited to one type of work, and the least project there may start with a budget of $ 10, which is for professionals and novices are not recommended to start with.

Upwork platform

It is one of the oldest freelance platforms on the Internet and it is English, but it is commonly used among freelancers, with a commission of 10% on each service along with a dollar and a half that are deducted upon withdrawal.

Freelancer platform

It is one of the largest global sites for independents, and the situation inside it differs somewhat in the membership where there is a free membership and a paid membership, and in the free you only 8 projects per month are available next to the absence of an immediate withdrawal of profits, the site also takes 10% in addition to 30 cents for any service and when Withdrawal deducts 2.3% of the profits as commission.

Fifteen platform

This platform is the perfect place for beginners to work as freelancers and any project that starts on it from the price of $ 5 for service and ends with large numbers and takes the platform $ 1 for every $ 5 of projects, and in general it is the easiest platform to attract customers.

The Khamsat platform is an Arabic platform, and to obtain more information and how to work with it, you should return to the Khamasat work course on Khamasat, which includes 9 comprehensive lessons that discuss everything related to registration, work and success on Khamsat.

Digging platform

It is an Emirati platform that brought together freelance platforms and mini services at the same time, directed to Arab independents in general and with a huge number of different projects.

Becalica platform

It is a platform for web developers and designers and everything related to this matter besides WordPress templates.

Translated platform

In its name, this platform is for translators, and this platform is Moroccan in origin, and it is available in four languages, Arabic, English, French and Spanish, and it is an open place for all translators alike.

My design platform

It is a comprehensive platform on design, besides the opportunity for projects and work to exist. There is a section dedicated to courses, writings and other matters related to design.

I Writer platform

This platform is dedicated to writers of English articles. If you are a writing professional, you can apply on the site and earn good amounts of writing.

Besides the platforms that I mentioned there are a large number of other platforms, as these platforms are increasing over time and with an increase in the number of freelancers in the world, and although the mini-services platforms are based on simple actions but they have a large number of professionals, it is due to the independence and desire of the independent.

How to choose the right self-employment platforms for you
There are a lot of self-employment platforms and choosing the best one to work with depends on you, as you must determine several things such as the nature of the projects that you want to receive, and are they long projects that take up most of your time and at the same time make good money from them? Or do you prefer to get small projects in varying numbers, but at lower prices?

Certainly the choice will be made according to the nature of your time, work, and services that you provide, and whether these projects are your main source of income or not?

If you work in any organization outside the home, it is best to register on the microservice platforms, which will provide you with additional funds to help you alongside your main business.

But if you only work as an independent, it is better to register on the freelance platforms such as a standalone platform, and independents can work on two types of platforms at the same time.

Important advice about your success on freelance platforms
1- Register on the free business platforms that are best for you only. An account on one platform has good reputation and reputation, better than 5 accounts on 5 platforms which are weak and unreliable accounts.

2- Record your real data, put your personal photo that appears professionally, and accurately complete all the required data in your account.

3- Write a professional profile about yourself that shows you like a professional, and try to use an official correct language.

4- Put good works from your work in the business fairs, put your portfolio link. Here it is not necessary to be real projects, but you can implement them for this step, but of course it is necessary that your business be you.

5- Browse popular accounts in your field, and try to understand their strengths and benefit from that.

6- Just implement the projects that you can really accomplish well and professionally, do not choose anything difficult in the beginning if your possibilities are limited.

7- You should know that attracting the first customer will not be easy, for this you must make some concessions such as offering a lower price than others and a faster time for delivery.

8- When submitting your offer to a customer, explain the way you work and the programs that you use, and try to show the advantages that distinguish you from any other independent. This will make him feel confident in your work.

9- After you get your first customer and after you finish the job, you should ask the customer to evaluate you, because that will contribute to attracting customers in the coming times.

10- Freelance platforms are the most important entrances to self-employment, you may need some patience at the beginning, but after completing your first tasks you can collect dozens of projects easily.

Just stick to your appointments, treat customers well, and respect the rules and laws of the platform.

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