Basic skills needed To every Free Lancer some special skills

Basic skills needed To every Free Lancer some special skills

Basic skills needed by every Free Lancer
Although every field of self-employment needs some special skills, there is a set of basic skills that must be available for each Free Lancer, which contribute mainly to its success and help it to achieve more profits. In this lesson, we will address the most important of these general skills that every Free Lancer must possess and develop.



13 essential skills for your success in self-employment
Freelancing is characterized as an open competitive market, in which it is able to learn and develop its skills and capabilities. On the other hand, self-employment has a special nature as you do not have a manager to guide you with what you must do, and you are supposed to possess the skills that enable you to manage and develop your business.

With this in mind, we will list here the most important skills that you must possess in order to help you succeed in self-employment.



1- Self-learning skill
The ability to self-learning is one of the most important skills of the Freelancer, so none of us are familiar with all the technologies, all the skills, all the tools and all the programs, and no one knows the directions or conditions of the labor market, how it will be after a year or two, so how can you compete Amid these daily developments in new programs and technologies?

Your self-learning ability will always ensure that you are at the center of the action. Asking for help is good, but you will only feel the value of the information or skill that you have acquired after your hard work, from practicing, experimenting, researching and organizing your ideas well.

Free learning here includes learning from the available articles, videos and courses, of course, along with trying and trying.

2- Research skill and access to information
Research is your most powerful effective weapon ever, through which you can access the information or ideas that you need, and through it you can solve your problems, and develop your career always. In the world of self-employment, research boils down to dealing with search engines to reach what you want on the Internet.

In this regard, I will put you here two very important topics through which you can access anything you want on the Internet in the fastest and easiest way (I advise you to read the two topics strongly because they are of great benefit to you)

Search secrets in Google
20 best search engines in 2019
3- The skill of dealing in the English language
In the online business world, English is not an option, but an imperative for your success and prosperity. English is the language spoken by about 20% of the planet’s population, and it is the primary language in the world of technology and the Internet.

Also, English is the language that represents the common denominator when two people communicate. English is not their first language (for example, when an Indian communicates with an Egyptian, they speak English).

In the field of self-employment, you will need the English language to register and deal with self-employment platforms, you will need to communicate with your non-Arab clients, and you will need them to learn something new (most of the good educational resources are in the English language).

You are not required to be a professional in English, but you have to have the minimum language you can handle smoothly through.

4- The skill of dealing with office software packages
The Microsoft Office stationery package is the preferred package for many companies and organizations.

Freelancer must know how to work with Excel tables, Word writing files, and PowerPoint presentations, all of which are basic skills the Freelancer worker needs to accomplish his work regardless of any package he uses, whether it’s Microsoft Office, or online directly like the Google Docs package.

5- Time management skill
Time is like a sword if you don’t cut it, cut it” is a true saying that we have heard since childhood, so good management of your time gives you precedence in the labor market, it reduces your stress and work pressure and gives you good and new job opportunities and achieving more achievements and more profits.

So time is the primary driver for any Freelancer freelancer that helps in career advancement, and time management skill helps you perform your tasks in a balanced and more effective way.

6- Good communication skill with others
The ability to communicate well with others is an inevitable skill in the field of self-employment, in fact a large part of your success, Kafri Lancer depends on your ability to communicate and build good relationships in your community, and the ability to deal professionally with your customers, which drives them to deal with you again.

7- The skill of working in a team
It may come a day when you will be forced to work within a team, so you must prepare for that day and be certain that the ideas of others are completely different from yours, and that you must accept the criticisms and opinions issued by them with open source as long as it is within the framework of developing the tasks assigned to them.

8- Negotiating skill
One of the most important skills that a freelancer must have is a negotiating skill, so you must be a skilled negotiator.

You should periodically review the prices of services that are representative of the service you provide, because this helps you in the negotiation stage with the customer, so that you do not set prices higher than the average market price, so the customer refuses to complete the purchase process, and at the same time do not set a price lower than the market prices and underestimate your right and your effort, Be balanced with your material requests.

9- Reporting skill
One of the necessary skills for every freelancer is how to properly prepare reports, and it differentiates between the professional freelancer and another, so it always requires preparing summary reports of what you have done, or a case report on a service that you will do, and if your report is good Well designed, it will definitely contribute to the acceptance of your application and quickly with business owners.

10 – the skill to deal with differences
Customer dissatisfaction with the level of services you provide, or even your dissatisfaction as a freelancer with how some clients deal with you, all of which are contained in Freelancing, a good and calm handling of disputes needs training.

You have to be objective, sympathetic to the customer, and try to adopt the customer’s point of view and look at the dispute from the angle in which he looks. Avoid offensive phrases, whether in your correspondence with the client or face-to-face, and you must be a good listener without interrupting the customer as he explains his point of view.

11- Skill of flexibility and ability to manage priorities
It has become very necessary in the current labor market to be flexible and adapt to all changes, as you have to adapt and adapt to the labor market at all times, to use your day effectively by preparing a list of your work tasks required of you in the day, and to develop a short-term plan for your daily and weekly tasks And also create a long-term plan for your monthly tasks.

12- The skill of managing social media pages
Social media is a great opportunity to form a community in your field, and to get new clients constantly. Your clients are already present on social media, and you can build specialized pages about the services you provide, attract those interested in these services and get great benefits.

One of the most important features of Social Media pages is communication with customers, it allows you to get to know the comments of followers, discover their reactions to the services you provide, and gives you an additional advantage is to develop what you offer faster.

Social Media pages also give you the ability to know the nature of the market in which you operate, you can observe changes in the behavior of consumers and customers so that you can modify the marketing path, or change your business strategy to fit with the changes that have occurred to your target audience, and you can also ask customers in a direct way .

13- Skill in dealing with technology, interfaces, systems and programs
Self-employment on the Internet requires dealing with technology constantly, starting with defining the field of self-employment that you want to work with, preparing its own tools and training in dealing with them, through creating professional accounts on social networking sites, especially to LinkedIn, and creating accounts on freelance platforms, ending By completing a successful sale of your services. At each of the above points you will need to be able to deal with what comes in your way from programs, interfaces, platforms and their advanced settings and options.

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