cryptocurrency market Best Investment Digital Currencies 2020 A renewed list




cryptocurrency market Best Investment Digital Currencies 2020 A renewed list
There are a few strong and promising currencies besides Bitcoin. But choosing the best digital currencies for investment and knowing which digital currencies have an important future is not easy, because the cryptocurrency market includes hundreds of digital currencies. However, the difficulty of identifying successful digital currencies does not mean doing your trades randomly.

In fact  there are many criteria that help determine the best digital currency for investment. For example, the uses and solutions it provides (technology and solutions for banks and financial institutions) can be considered a good indicator of the strength of the currency. This is a great way to reduce risk and increase your chances by investing in strong and stable digital currencies. Also, better performing cryptocurrencies with lower market value may be good for investment, as they have good opportunities for price growth.



7 successful coins for investment 2020
Here is a look at the 7 most successful cryptocurrencies on the market right now:

1. Bitcoin BTC
Although there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is still the first cryptocurrency to dominate the market. But more than that, the financial giant, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, has called Bitcoin the best investment asset in the last ten years. She said that one dollar invested in Bitcoin in 2010 was going to bring in $ 90,026 today.

This strong currency not only opens the doors to other currencies, it also leads the crypto market. When exposed to volatility, it may affect the entire market.

Invest in Bitcoin coin

2. Light Queen Litecoin
“Bitcoin-Lite” is known as “Bitcoin-Lite”, as a digital currency that is very worth thinking about investing in. Transaction speed is the main difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin. Aside from speed, investors are concerned that Light Coin also offers a zero zero cost to conduct transactions. This makes it an ideal currency for traders interested in the external transaction cost factor.

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3. Dash
Dash has the ability to give you a strong return on your investment. The Dash coin is based on a decentralized network that makes the transactions almost non-cancellable. It is considered a copy of “Bitcoin” but it provides more transaction speed and a very high level of privacy. Dash is already a solid investment anyone can make now considering its market value.

The reliable platform to trade on the Dash price

4. Stellar coin
Just as with the XRP Ripple, the individual value of Stellar coin, known as “Lumens” or (XLM) is very low. Nevertheless, its total market value makes it one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. It is worth noting that Stellar’s approach is quite different from other cryptocurrencies, because some of its stated tasks include fighting poverty and providing financial solutions to individuals without bank accounts.

The smart way to invest in Stellar

5. EOS
Just as with Ethereum  EOS enables developers to build blockchain-based applications, focusing on decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts as well as independent decentralized companies. The EOS symbol quickly became popular for the crypto to establish itself among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value.

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6. Ripple XRP
Ripple can be described as the next generation of payment networks. Originally created to share with financial industry leaders, it is the leading technology in the financial technology world yet. This digital currency achieved a record high in 2017 to rise from less than one cent to more than $ 1. But it has seen a more violent downtrend, and some see its currently low price ($ 0.18) as an opportunity to buy at the bottom, as it is expected to shine again.

Invest in XRP now

7. Ethereum ETH
It is the second most traded cryptocurrency worldwide. “Ethereum” is a decentralized system which is computers connected to each other around the world, which uses a set of applications on which many orders are executed according to smart contracts, and this process simulates the conclusion of traditional contracts.

Many institutions and companies have been involved in its promising project, including Microsoft, Samsung, Intel and JPMorgan, and there are about 86 other institutions that have partnered with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This means that the future of Earthrium looks bright, mainly because it continues to expand and engage more large companies to invest more in its project. This in turn will increase the value of “Ethereum”, making it an attractive option for investing and trading.

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The best digital currencies to invest today may not be so in the foreseeable future, as hundreds of currencies compete at every moment for leadership and success, but only a few of them achieve success and capture the largest market value. There are also a lot of new digital currencies that appear and escalate strongly and then die and disappear. And of course there are currencies that have held for years and have yielded strong results.

Before thinking about investing in any of them, it is absolutely essential to understand their long-term benefits and potentials. Therefore, tracking its developments and monitoring its events is very important. It would be more beneficial to have a diversified trading strategy in the field of cryptocurrencies, to reduce the risk of sometimes violent price fluctuations for some currencies.

* Disclaimer
First: This is not an invitation to invest in any particular currency. Rather, it is just views that can help you within the limits of what corresponds to your investment strategy.
Second: Do not invest every owner in the cryptocurrency market, which is characterized by volatility and sharp and rapid volatility, and also do not overuse the leverage if you are trading on digital currencies through CFDs.




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