make money online Amazon Affiliates how to earn 2,500 USD a month on autopilot

make money online Amazon Affiliates how to earn 2,500 USD a month on autopilot

make money online Amazon Affiliates how to earn 2,500 USD a month on autopilot
There are many ways to make money online, but my favorite is undoubtedly the Amazon Affiliate program



Because I like it so much? Especially for its ability to generate income with few visits and its passivity. It’s a system that you ride, and then you practically forget: Amazon takes care of everything else.

It is not necessary to have any technical knowledge; The key is to make the right decisions (in this article I will show you which ones). If you do it right, with just over a couple of hours of work a week, it can provide you with a monthly salary that many other workers would already want.



In my case, in a single year I went from believing that it was impossible to make money online to earn more than 7,000 euros in a single month. And that during those four weeks I just devoted time to the project!

Amazon affiliates December
Today I have several projects that generate passive income with Amazon Affiliates. I have created some that are authentic mines, while with others I made mistakes from which I have been able to draw great lessons.

If you also want to start making money with Amazon Affiliates, in this guide you will find EVERYTHING you need to know about this money generation system. With good planning and initial effort, I assure you that it can give you many joys. Let’s go there.

What is Amazon Affiliates
Amazon Affiliates is an online system through which you get customers for Amazon and the program pays you a commission for the purchases of those customers.

In other words: you are in charge of sending people to the Amazon website, and if they buy, Amazon pays you a commission . This is how you win both: Amazon gets customers, and it gives you a percentage of those sales.

Amazon affiliates
Imagine you have a blog where you talk about coffee makers. If you recommend a specific coffee maker in one of your items, you can earn income by sending people who are interested in buying that product from Amazon.

Incorporating this system into a website or blog is very simple. You just have to add some links that Amazon provides to the products you are recommending, like this one .

If someone clicks on that link, they will go to the Amazon page in question. If you buy, Amazon will know that the sale has been thanks to you and will give you a percentage. For practical purposes, you can recommend anything in the Amazon catalog , such as books, food, video games, drones, clothing or home accessories.

This system requires very little initial investment and can become something totally passive: you leave the web mounted and she works for you even while you sleep.

It is only necessary that there are people who visit it, click on those Amazon links and buy something. And for that it is not necessary that you intervene in anything else.

My first results with Amazon Affiliates
My first project was a website where I analyzed and recommended several tablet models. I was one of the first to have an iPad and I became a fan of such devices, so I wanted to write about it.

During the first three months I spent an average of two hours a day, the next ten months about 4 hours a week and a year later I was spending about 4 hours a month. In total 384 hours of work in two years , an average of just over half an hour a day.

In the economic section, my investment during the first two years was the following:

Domain = 15 euros / year x 2 years = 30 euros
Hosting = 5 euros / month x 24 months = 120 euros
WordPress templates (optional) = 70 euros
Writing articles (I hired some editors when I didn’t have time to write) = 50 euros
Link creation = 300 euros
Total costs = 570 euros in two years, which averages 24 euros per month.

Now let’s look at the income in these two years.

Amazon passive income
I have earned money, but I have also got Amazon over a million euros in turnover!
Although the tablet market is low (perhaps the biggest mistake I made when choosing the niche) and Amazon lowered the commissions after a few months, in two years this website has provided me with more than 48,000 euros in passive income .

The benefit has therefore been 48,000 euros of revenue – 570 euros of expenses = 47,430 euros of profit, which means a return of more than 123 euros per hour invested .

When you compare it with what the hour is paid in a job today the difference is abysmal, and I do not count the freedom that offers to work in it from any place.

Once you know the basics about Amazon Affiliates and why it is my favorite method of generating passive income , let’s see what advantages and disadvantages it has.

The economic investment is very low
To make money with Amazon Affiliates, you just need a website. Today, that means spending between 10 and 20 euros a year in the domain , and if you want a professional hosting to host it (which I strongly recommend), add about 5 euros more per month.

Optionally, you can buy a professional design for your website (although there are plenty of free ones), spend money so that other websites link to yours and get more visits (although as you will see below you can achieve it for free), and even pay people for I write the contents for you (although I advise against it and then I will explain why).

It requires little maintenance
Although at the beginning you will have to spend many hours writing the contents of the web, once you have them you can practically leave it on autopilot.

Apart from the necessary updates to keep up to date the products you recommend, it will not require much more, and that you can take advantage of to start other new projects.

Amazon is a selling machine
This is what makes this affiliate program a real money machine .

More and more people buy online at Amazon, and their website is perfectly optimized so that virtually no one can leave without buying something. It recommends products according to your preferences, has very low shipping costs and it is possible to find some of the best prices in the market.

Amazon Recommendations
Amazon gives you a commission on everything the customer buys
Another of the great advantages is that not only will you earn money for the product you recommend, but for the duration of the cookie (this is how Amazon identifies that that client comes from your website), you will receive a commission for everything that Buy the customer.

In fact, it is very common to earn commissions for products that have nothing to do with your recommendations, since people often take advantage of being on Amazon to buy more things.

The cookie only lasts 24 hours
Every time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, Amazon automatically installs a cookie in your browser. In this way, identify that it is you who has referred a client

This is how the vast majority of affiliate programs work, but in the case of Amazon that cookie disappears after 24 hours , so if the user visits Amazon but does not buy until after 24 hours, the sale will not be counted.

Other affiliate programs offer cookies that last up to a month or even longer. In this way, if the customer doubts or prefers to wait a little before buying, you take the commission equally.

It is a great handicap, but I have done many tests with other affiliation systems and despite this Amazon is still much more profitable . I have already told you that it is a selling machine🙂

Commissions are low
Amazon commission rates move between 3 and 10% , slightly below other popular affiliate programs.

A couple of years ago they were higher, but there was a sales limit of 10 euros. That is, if a product of 1,000 euros was sold and your commission was 5%, instead of earning 50 euros you only took 10. That’s why very few people used Amazon Affiliates to recommend expensive products.

Now there is no limit, which means you can take advantage of the opportunity and earn money by recommending high-priced products .

Amazon sends
So is. Amazon can change its operating agreement at any time, lower commissions or even cancel your account due to bad practices (hide links or trick users to click on them). It is in full right.

But do not worry. If you do things right and your website receives traffic, there will always be other affiliate programs to monetize it in the unlikely event that Amazon decided to discontinue its program. Although it has rope for years!

Amazon Commissions
These are the current Amazon commissions in Spain. Notice that they are separated according to the category to which each product belongs:

Ideally, find a subcategory of products with high commissions and good sales volume.

As Amazon becomes more popular in Spain and other countries and does not need its affiliates to send visitors, the commissions will go down. In fact, in the United States some categories such as video games are already at 1%. The opportunity is now!

How to register with Amazon Affiliates
Although a few years ago Amazon had to review your website before granting you access to the program, today the process is almost immediate.

The first thing you should do is go to and click on Join for free .

If you already have an account as an Amazon customer, simply enter your email and password. Otherwise you must create one.

Once you have done it, it will ask you on behalf of who you want the payments to be issued. This is you!

Enter name
You should also indicate if you are a US citizen for tax purposes, enter the website you want to monetize with Amazon Sharp and a little information about it.

Then you must create a unique ID to identify your account. Put a name that allows you to recognize it quickly, like your website. Select the theme of your website (do not worry because it is not relevant) and mark the category of Amazon products that you are going to publish on your website.

Amazon web fields
Also indicate what type your website is. It will almost always be a blog or web page of content.

Check the boxes of How are you going to generate traffic for your website? The most common is through blogs, SEO and email.

In the section of How do you use your web pages or apps to generate income? And how do you generate the links normally? You can put what you prefer.

Amazon high web
Mark the visits you currently have on your blog (if you don’t have any, don’t worry), and that’s it! You should receive approval from Amazon immediately.

Amazon web approval
You will see that it allows you to subscribe to affiliate programs from other countries, because each one must be managed separately. If you still do not have traffic on your website, ignore it, but if you already receive visits from abroad it is a good idea to register for those countries.

Finally, it is time to enter your collection information , indicating how you prefer to receive the money (through a deposit in your account or gift vouchers), the name of your bank, holder, IBAN number and BIC code. Keep in mind that you will need to reach a minimum of 25 euros in commissions for Amazon to make the first payment.

Amazon charges
From now on, every time you are logged into your Amazon account, you will see your Amazon Affiliate web bar at the top left , where you can get the text links (or with an image included, if you prefer) to promote that product in your web

How to create links and banners
Once you have your approved affiliate account, creating a link is as simple as searching Amazon for the product you want and clicking on the Text option in the affiliate bar that will appear at the top left.

Then it will show you a link, which you must add to the text of your page that you want to link to the Amazon product.

Amazon Affiliate web bar
Adding the link is very simple. In most text editors of web content creation systems, such as WordPress, you will only have to select the text and click the link to enter it.

Add affiliate link
Amazon also allows you to create text links with an image. In that case it will give you a code that you should copy and paste in the HTML version of your text editor.

Image links are more visual, but they give too much information and then you will discover why that is not good.

The banners are designs, usually animated, you can also place your website by copying a code that Amazon gives you.

Banner links
They are usually placed in the header or sidebars, but they are only effective when they advertise special offers, such as Black Friday, as users generally tend to ignore them. This is a standard example:

How to follow conversions
Once the contents of your website already have affiliate links and are receiving traffic, there will be people who will click on them and end up buying something on Amazon.

Your Amazon Affiliates account has a control panel that is updated daily and where you will find the clicks to Amazon that you have obtained and the commissions generated during the last 30 days.

You also have a chart with your results since the month began, showing your conversion rate (the number of purchases per 100 clicks).

Summary of this month
If you click on View Full Report , you can see which products are generating more commissions and select personalized time periods to see your results.

Amazon monthly income
You can also create more tracking IDs , allowing you to better identify where clicks and sales come from.

If for example on one page or article you recommend high-end coffee makers, and on another you recommend low-cost coffee makers, you can create a different ID for each one and use it in the links you put there. In this way, in your affiliate reports you can see what results each of these two pages is generating and make decisions.

Affiliate IDs
How to make money with Amazon Affiliates
Now you know how to sign up for the Amazon Affiliates program and the basics to understand how it works. But you have the most important thing: the strategy to make that a source of income.

After more than four years experimenting and earning money with this affiliation system, I have managed to identify the steps necessary to succeed. It requires planning, but it is not difficult. And then I’m going to show you each one of them.

And I repeat: that your lack of technical knowledge does not throw you back. Actually, you don’t need any.

1. Decide your niche or multiniche
We will start strong, because this first decision will largely determine the results you will achieve.

You have to decide on what you are going to write and what kind of products you are going to recommend.

Imagine someone needs a handheld vacuum. There are many websites where you could buy one, such as Amazon itself, El Corte Inglés or FNAC. But if you have no idea of ​​handheld vacuum cleaners, you will probably want to find out about these types of products sooner.

In that case it would be good to read some comparison or analysis before making your decision, right?

There is your chance. Online stores do not usually offer this type of information (although Amazon is trying), and you could create a website or a section of your website to find it.

You would receive visits from people looking for information, and if they convince you what you recommend, they will end up buying it from Amazon (and you will take a commission).

Therefore, you have three options.

You could create a website called (it is an example) focused solely on analyzing this type of articles . This is called specializing in a niche market .
You could create a general website called, for example, where you would analyze many types of products, from vacuum cleaners to video games. This is called multiniche , because it is not specialized in anything in particular.
Or you could create a blog about something that really interests you , for example graphic design, and among the articles that you were publishing write one recommending graphic tablets or design programs. This is called the authority website . Example: the recommended books on the web
The third strategy is the one that works best. If you add value to your content and empathize with readers, you will create a loyal audience, and it will also be easier for your affiliate articles to be visible in search engines such as Google.

Also, if you are a designer, you probably prefer to write articles about your creations and tablets instead of vacuum cleaners, right?

However, this strategy requires a lot of time and effort.

The first strategy, to create a website with your opinion about products a certain niche , is simpler and faster, so to start I recommend this.

The second strategy has the greatest potential to generate income, but it requires investing many resources. In addition, specialized niches generally have greater visibility in search results, since Google understands that this website is a reference in that topic.

2. Forget about what interests you
There will be someone who recommends that if you are going to create a website specialized in a type of product, choose something you like, since you will have to write a lot about it.

I disagree.

When I started my tablet website I wanted to write about it. But after more than two years creating content, I assure you that I prefer to see a chapter of Save Me to start writing again more of the same.

Assume that writing product analysis will end up being boring, even if it’s about something you like. It is preferable that you have certain knowledge about your niche (or are willing to inform yourself well), but it is best to guide you by its ability to generate income .

Because when something gives you money, it costs you less to work on it.

Besides, what you like doesn’t have to be a good market opportunity. If you are passionate about jewelry and create a website about it, it will be very good, but they do not have the sales volume or the sufficient price on Amazon to be worth it.

3. Validate the niche with Amazon
The first step to validate if a niche has potential is to see how it is sold on Amazon and what is the average price. Normally, the more opinions a product has, the more it sells. And if the average price is more than 50 euros, you are facing a good opportunity.

First go to the products that are most sold on Amazon .

Bestselling Amazon
Then click on one of the departments on the left to show you the 100 best selling products during the last hour.

In this case we go to the home and kitchen department because it offers one of the highest commissions , and at position 58 we find a coffee maker with more than 400 opinions and a price of 69.99 euros.

Amazon coffee maker
Before continuing, you must ensure that it is not the only product that has potential in its category , so follow up to the best sellers in its category, in this case capsule coffee makers.

Amazon subcategory
We see that the category of capsule coffee machines is usually sold quite well, with several references above 100 opinions and an average price of 60 euros. It seems like a good niche, but we still have to do two more checks.

4. Validate Google search volume
To automate the generation of passive income, the idea is that your website receives visits through its organic positioning in search engines .

In other words, what you want is that when someone searches for “Capsule coffee makers ” or “Comparison of capsule coffee makers” on Google, find your website and visit it.

But if it turns out that nobody searches for coffee capsules on the Internet, few visits will you receive.

That’s why it’s essential to know how many people search for that keyword on Google . And the good news is that there is a free tool that can help you get an idea.

The Google Keyword Planner .

Actually it is a service for companies that want to advertise on Google. Google informs them about the number of people who are looking for something specific, so that they can adjust the budget of their ad campaigns.

And you can use that information to validate the potential of your niche.

If you do not have an account, you must create one. It will ask you to enter the URL of your website (I’ll explain how to get one later) and will send you to the administration panel.

High Google Adwords
Once there, click on the wrench symbol from the top right and select Keyword Planner .

Google Adwords menu
Where it says Search for new keywords , write the niche you want to validate. In this case it would be “capsule coffee makers . ”

Keyword Planner
Google will then show you a list of words related to yours, along with the number of monthly searches for each of them. Find yours and others that mean the same, and write down how many searches they have per month.

Since you’re not paying to advertise, Google only gives you ranks, not the exact number. Before this information was available to everyone, but for now it is enough.

Discard that niche if it is below one thousand monthly searches, unless the price of such products is very high.

In this case, “coffee capsules” and “coffee capsules” both have between 1,000 and 10,000 monthly searches. Bingo!

Note: make sure your country appears above so you don’t see search results from other places.

Planner countries
Another tip is that you also validate word combinations that denote an intention to buy , for example, “buy capsule coffee maker” or “capsule coffee maker comparison . ”

People who do this type of searches are probably willing to buy at that time, so it is a very good sign. For these searches with purchase intent, any result between 100 and 1,000 per month is already a very respectable number.

5. Evaluate your competition
Once you have validated that the products of that niche are sold on Amazon, they have a good price and people look for them on the Internet, it is time to make the final check: how easy or difficult it will be to position your website among the first Google results .

As much as something is sold and for many searches you have, if your website does not appear on the first page of Google, you will hardly receive traffic.

Because, as they say in this sector, the second page of Google is the best place to hide a corpse!

To find out if it will be easy, difficult, or practically impossible, perform the search for which you would like to position yourself on Google.

Normally you will find stores like Amazon itself or Mediamrkt. Although it is not easy, with a good job you can get to be at the level or even above these stores if your contents are excellent.

You will also often find other websites that use Amazon Affiliates. And it is a good sign because it shows that there is an opportunity, so now you have to judge its contents .

Capsule coffee makers competition
If its contents are poor and you can provide more useful information, perfect! And if they are good, you will have to work harder to overcome them.

When you don’t find websites that monetize with Amazon Affiliates, it can mean two things:

You just found an untapped market niche , which is great.
That whoever tried it has not succeeded, because it is a very complicated niche .
You can try to rate it yourself by looking for other affiliate websites from page 2 of Google. If you don’t find any, maybe nobody has tried yet🙂

6. Buy the domain
Once the niche has been found and validated, it’s your turn to get to work to create your website. And the first thing you need is the domain .

There are many domain registrars, but for its reliability and simplicity I recommend Namecheap , Godaddy or MrDomain . Simply open an account and enter a domain name that is available.

Domain namecheap
Actually, the domain name is not too important. Choose one that describes the niche you are going to create (mundocafetera, topcafeteras, etc) with a simple extension such as .com, .net or .es if you are going to focus on Spain.

7. Hire a hosting
Now it’s time to decide in which hosting company you are going to host the contents of your website.

Free hostings such as those offered by or are not suitable for two reasons:

Your website will be very limited in its functionalities
The domain will be of the type
My recommendation is that you hire a WordPress hosting in Webempresa . For just over 5 euros a month you will have one of the fastest and best technical support I’ve ever had.

If you use the coupon “vidaonline25” (without quotes) when hiring your Webempresa hosting , you will get a 25% discount during the first year. If you’re interested, don’t let it get away
On the hosting website, the first thing will be to indicate that you already have a registered domain.

High company
Once you hire the hosting, you will receive an email with the names of your server (DNS) and the URL of your administration panel (cPanel). Go back to the website where you have previously registered the domain, and enter the DNS in the Customize DNS section . Now your domain already points to your new hosting!

8. Install WordPress
WordPress is the most popular free web and blog management program in the world, and what will allow you to create yours without having any technical knowledge.

Installing it on your website is very easy. Just enter the cPanel of your hosting and look for the option to install WordPress (sometimes it is within the Quickinstall or Softaculous option , depending on the hosting). Once installed, you can edit your new website at

Install WordPress
Once inside the WordPress administration panel, in the left sidebar you will find its menu. In the Appearance -> Themes option you can search for themes to customize the appearance of your website.

The most professional topics are paid, but worth it. I especially recommend Genesis (they are the only ones I use).

Once you have chosen your theme, you must do two things immediately:

Go to Settings -> Permanent links and select Post name , to avoid the date or rare characters appearing in the URL of your pages and posts.
Permanent links
Go to Plugins -> Add new , and find and install Yoast SEO (an extension to control the title and description that Internet users will see when they find your website on Google), Akismet (to prevent spam) and Tablepress (will allow you to create tables comparisons in a simple way).
There are more things you should do, such as requesting an SSL certificate to your hosting so that your website appears as secure in the browser, and register it in the Google Search Console so that Google knows that it exists. But for now you have the basics.

It is time to create content.

9. Create your content
If you want to be visible in Google searches, for starters you will have to create better and more useful content than those that already exist.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who would like to buy that type of product with little knowledge. What would I want to know? What characteristics would you like to compare?

Generally, you should write a guide about your niche , so that users know what to consider before buying a product.

Then, using the Keyword Planner , look for terms related to your niche on which you can write articles, such as “Compare [your niche]” or “Best [your niche] in value for money” .

In any case, it is always a good idea to write an article on how to choose the best product or the best products in that niche. The word “better” attracts a lot of attention, since people want to be certain that they are buying something of quality.

Best Chinese tablets
Then you must write in-depth analysis of the most popular products in that niche, since they usually also have many searches. To find out which products are most sought, use the Keyword Planner again.

BQ Aquaris analysis
There is only one rule when writing content: provide usefulness to the user . So look at the pages of your competition and think of ways to do better.

Do not make the classic mistake of describing only the technical characteristics : inform yourself and explain what benefits it will bring to the user, how it is used, what advantages it has over the competition, and for which buyer profile it is indicated.

And although at some point you may be tempted to pay someone to write the contents, especially when you’re already earning money, be careful.

It has taken me two years and to try more than a dozen editors to find the right one. And I assure you it is not cheap. With the previous ones, I usually spent more time correcting and improving the articles they sent me than writing them myself.

If you want to hire a copywriter, make sure he is an expert in copywriting and also has the will and ability to find out the details of each product. To start, you better do the work and so you will also learn more about the niche.

Note: I have observed that some people create affiliate websites with hardly any content, with category pages that only have generic images and texts, such as .
That is, they do not add any value to the user. And that does not like Google.

This strategy may work for niches without competition, but the income it will generate is ridiculous. Today any market with potential has several quality competitors, so you can only fight with better content.

10. Put the affiliate links
Once you’ve created your quality content, it’s time to add your affiliate links.

There are many ways to add links. You can put them directly in the text, tables or images. In any case, I do not recommend putting the price of the product for two reasons:

It can get out of date quickly if it changes on Amazon.
You will be giving all the information to the user, and it may not motivate you to click . Instead, a link like “See price on Amazon” will call your curiosity. And even if you don’t end up buying it, if you click on it, you make sure that your cookie is installed.
There are free WordPress plugins such as Amazon’s own Affiliate plugin that add various features, such as updated prices or the ability to redirect visitors from other countries to your local Amazon store so you don’t lose commissions.

In general they do not contribute much, and the only one that I recommend and that many affiliates use is AAWP , a payment plugin that will allow you to create updated lists of the best sellers , a functionality that converts very well.

EasyAzon is also paid, but it allows the product that users click on to be added directly to your Amazon cart. In that case the cookie lasts 90 days, but it can be too aggressive for users.

11. Get external links
To place your website on the first page of Google, you basically need two things:

Good content and other websites link to you.

Links from other websites serve Google as a measure of authority . If there are blogs or websites linking to yours, Google understands it as a sign of quality and places you higher in the search results (as long as your content accompanies).

However, this ended up causing many digital marketing professionals to look for unlawful ways to get those links ( spam in comments, forums, etc.), and the system was perverted.

Nowadays the most important thing is not the quantity of the links, but their quality . A link from a user profile in an abandoned forum is not the same as a link from El Mundo or a first level blog.

So how do you get these links?

There are sites where bloggers, webmasters and local newspapers sell links on their websites, but they are not cheap. They may work, but in some cases their quality is more than doubtful and you are exposed to a Google penalty for trying to “trick” the system.

I recommend it for more advanced users who know well what they are doing. To start, it is better to use guest articles and add value in forums .

Guest articles : is to offer to write an article in another blog, which includes a link to your website. If you provide valuable content, they will surely allow you to publish it. Try to be an article that does not compete with yourself or go out of style quickly, so that it stays alive and can bring you traffic.
Forums : leaving a simple link in an active forum is considered spam, and it will surely be deleted. On the other hand, if you add value in a conversation, you resolve doubts, and then leave your link to anyone who wants to expand information, they will surely accept it.
If your website has good content, little by little you will also get natural links . There will be people who will link you by their own will, and those are the best you can get.

12. Optimize your content
From the moment you create the contents of your website until you start receiving traffic, it can take between 4 and 6 months, so arm yourself with patience. But from there everything is usually exponential.

In one of my last projects, the journey was almost 6 months. I created it in August, and until February it didn’t start receiving traffic. I could have accelerated the process with more content and some links, but I couldn’t spend more time either!

Affiliate web visits
Once you start receiving visits, it is time to optimize your content . Open an account in Google Analytics and see which articles have less time to stay on the page, because if users do not stay you should surely improve them to make them more attractive.

You can also use Google Search Console to find out what other keywords (long tail keywords) are bringing you visits, and optimize your articles by adding subtitles and specific content for those searches. Or even create specific pages for them.

Keywords Search Console
If you have visitors, but few clicks on affiliate links (below 50%), consider changing the text of the links, or make the images and buttons more striking.

In summary
Amazon Affiliates is an amazing system to earn money online, even for people without technical knowledge.

You just have to create a website about a niche market with potential (or several), create content that adds value to the user, recommend products and let Amazon take care of the rest.

More and more people are making money with Amazon, but that does not mean that the opportunity no longer exists. On the contrary: there is usually too much dispersion and mediocre content, so if you specialize in a market you can build a website that generates a good amount of passive income.

If you stop the fact that you do not see yourself able to recommend products, do not worry. To create your content you must inform yourself a lot, so in a few weeks I assure you that you will know more than 95% of the population.

My recommendation is that you start today and don’t let any more time pass . Even if in the end you did not achieve the objectives that you had set for yourself, the knowledge that you would obtain would be extraordinarily useful to succeed with the next project. As it happened to me.


If you have any doubts you can leave them in the comments section and I will answer you as soon as possible. And if you find the information I share with you useful, click on one of the social networks below



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