Real Ways to Earn Money on Amazon Tips for making money on Amazon

Real Ways to Earn Money on Amazon Tips for making money on Amazon

Real Ways to Earn Money on Amazon How to Make Money from Amazon Tips for making money on Amazon
Would you like to cooperate with the richest person in the world ? Would you like to earn money from cooperating with the Amazon world’s largest company ? If your answer is yes … then you are in the right place.
Many novice marketers or anyone new to the world of profit from the Internet during his research trip shows this term  profit from Amazon  and wants to know more about him.
There are also some marketers who have experience and expertise  and despite that, they do not know much about the ways to profit from different Amazon and the profits that they can achieve.
Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, you may think that it is only the largest electronic store on the surface of this planet and only  but the fact of the matter is that Amazon owns more than 70 different companies and services in the world.
Profit from Amazon is the way for many people to make great fortunes  and why not. This empire has made Jeff Bezos the richest person in the world.
There are many ways to earn from Amazon. In this guide  you will find all possible ways to suit anyone in the world
You will also find in this guide a lot of technical information about each method, how to get started  some caveats that you need to pay attention to and all the tools that you will need in each method.




4 Things You Should Know Before You Start Profiting From Amazon
Before you start any way to profit from Amazon there are some important things that you have to keep in mind first, which will save you a lot of trouble in the near future.




1- Amazon’s strict laws
Amazon is a giant company as you know, and in order to maintain its reputation, standing and the quality of the services it provides it has made strict laws for anyone who cooperates with it to abide by it.
For example look at the laws of the Amazon Affiliate Program, which states that you should not use social media or e-mail directly.

That is you cannot directly promote Amazon products through your Link affiliate by placing them on social media pages or by sending them in emails to your followers  but you can place these links on YouTube or your site pages.

Thus, Amazon guarantees that its products will not be promoted in a rude or excessive manner (Spam) in order to maintain their image in front of consumers.
That is why I advise you in whatever way you rely on you to read the terms and services very carefully so that you do not have any problems.


2- Receiving your profits from Amazon
Amazon is an American company  and although it allows anyone in the world to be part of its programs and services, it is not easy to receive your earnings from it.
In order to provide Amazon with the largest possible amount of money represented in fees and currency exchange  it deals with banks only and not with banking services such as Paypal when transferring money to those cooperating with it.

This is why the best way for you to receive your earnings from Amazon is to have a Payoneer account because it will save you a lot.

This service provides you with a free American bank account on which you can receive your money from any company in the world  and it also provides you with a credit card to withdraw this money anywhere in your local currency


3- The tax system
In order to receive your profits from Amazon whatever the way you deal (whether you are a seller or a marketer) you have to provide some documents, especially related to taxes.
Do not worry it is simple because you are not a US citizen, all you have to do is fill in some documents to prove that you are not a US citizen  and until the Amazon expenses are included in the IRS legally.

Therefore, during the registration process, in order to receive your profits from Amazon, you will have to fill in a document called W8 – BEN  which you will also find its link and all the instructions and personal information that you must provide when registering with Amazon.
It’s simple and easy  as I told you, it’s all routine to confirm your identity and organize the profit process for Amazon.

And advice … keep this document when you are filling out all the information  because you will need it if you cooperate with most American companies, especially if you work in the field of commission marketing.

Not only that  there are several ways to profit from Amazon which I will not mention to you in this guide  because you cannot subscribe to it as it is available in specific countries like America and Canada.
These methods include shipping products and helping Amazon by providing some services, and because Amazon enters the Arab market strongly, this means that these methods may become available soon.
For this you have to follow the news of Amazon on the market constantly, and in the event of any new way to profit we will add it to this guide, so that it remains a reference for everyone looking for ways to profit from Amazon.
Now is the time you’ve been waiting for … Let’s get to know all the ways to profit from Amazon, which I think some of you will surprise, especially the fifth method.


1- Profit from Amazon through commission marketing
Commission marketing for someone who does not know it is one of the best ways to make money from the Internet. All you do is to recommend some products owned by different companies through your link


And when anyone buys those products through your unique link, the company that owns the product gives you a commission. This is the short way to earn from commission marketing.
You can learn more about commission marketing  and its most important examples are in the following article:

The Amazon commission  program is one of the most popular and best commission commissioning programs ever  on which content makers  website owners and influencers depend to earn money from the Internet.
Amazon has almost everything – as we say colloquially from needle to missile – so you can promote many products depending on your field or niche.
If you have a website or YouTube channel, you can review some Amazon products that your fans are interested in, make comparisons between different products  or even mention one of them as advice to your followers.
For this reason  there are many sites and YouTube channels that depend on this method of profit, so why not be one of them.


Amazon commission marketing features
At this point I will show you important information about this way to profit from Amazon and also some advantages that will make you accept to rely on this method, and also you will find some defects that you have to deal with.
Applying is very easy in this program, and Amazon provides a great platform through which you can search for various products, get different links to your products, and track results.
To be accepted, you must have a YouTube site or channel with good traffic (channels and sites are rated according to views and visits, the minimum is not known  but the more traffic, the better)
For this I advise you to take care of your content first and then after that, start the application process and if you are rejected  work more on the site or channel and try to get more traffic and then submit again.

Amazon has a great reputation and all people from different countries of the world trust it, so this Conversion Rate is very high in the sense that it is easy to convince people to buy and this is in contrast to other commission marketing programs.

Amazon provides a huge platform and tools for marketers that even provide you with a plugin so that you can use it on your site to display Amazon products with ease, which increases your profits.
It also provides you with the ability to promote various Amazon websites (such as Amazon Canada, Britain or even the UAE recently), so that you can target the audience you want.

You not only get a commission to purchase the product you are promoting, but also for every purchase that you made  for example if you promoted a camera and the person purchased the camera and any other product you get a commission for everything that they have purchased.

Commission rate is low (ranging from 3: 10%, depending on the type of product) compared to other commission marketing programs.
Amazon is constantly changing the laws and conditions  so you should follow the emails that are sent to you periodically because it is very important.
I think that you are now aware of the way to profit from Amazon through commission marketing, and you have all the tools and information necessary to start at the earliest opportunity.


2- Profit from Amazon by printing T-shirts
This is one of the simplest ways to profit from Amazon and is called (Merch By Amazon), and it depends on printing T-shirts on demand (Print On Demand).

You create different designs for T-shirts (for example, T-shirts for a specific event such as football), and when anyone wants to buy them, Amazon prints the T-shirt and delivers it to the customer.
The price of the t-shirts depends on their type, but they are very cheap, as they start from $ 15.99 and can reach $ 25.99. Amazon gets the largest percentage because it is you who print and deliver, and you get a percentage (from 11 to 13%) of the value of the T-shirt.

This is why if you are a designer  or you have knowledge of someone who understands T-shirt designs (it is very simple and you can learn it yourself if you are a beginner), or you can use a professional designer through freelance platforms, this method is very profitable.

There are a lot of companies and services that you can subscribe to in order to profit from the design of T-shirts, but you have to promote your designs in order to get sales.
As for Amazon, it is a big market that millions of people enter every day, and all you have to do is have good designs that people love, and put it in an accurate description. You will learn this yourself when you are accepted into this service from Amazon) until you start to profit.

Amazon print software features
You must apply to be accepted. All you need to do is enter a name, location, and some information about your expertise and designs.
Review acceptance of applications has no set time.
In order to be accepted you must show that you have experience and passion in this field for this site that you submit must be related to design, you can use your profile on one of the design sites such as Redbubble (a website that sells printed T-shirts in which you can try and learn the same The method), or the Behance site (a site for design experts in the world). In the additional information section, you should choose your words very carefully, show your expertise, and how you do the design process in order to make it review the requests convinced of you … Imagine that you are in a personal interview in a job.

When you are accepted you cannot place more than 10 designs, and after you sell 10 sales the limit is increased to 25 and the more your sales increase the more Amazon allows you to have more designs … This system is called Tiers.

You must search and check in order to know all the conditions of good designs that Amazon provides you with when registering, and also to search for best-selling designs on Amazon in order to inspire successful designs.

This way to profit from Amazon is very good, because the effort required is focused on finding good designs, and that after achieving success you can build your own store using different platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce to achieve higher profits.
In this case, you can count on paid traffic and build your own brand, as many professionals in this field have done.


3- Profit from Amazon through e-books
Many people love to read books continuously, and because of the age of technology that we currently live in, you can read a lot of books on your phone or computer at the lowest possible price, so you can listen to them (audiobooks) if you do not have the time.
And because Amazon started out as a bookstore and printed this is why Amazon Kindle is one of the oldest and best ways to make money on Amazon if you like writing.
By the way, you can hire someone to write a book for you if you are good at marketing, and this is what many people who depend on this method do.

You can apply at Kindle Direct Publishing service, where your books are reviewed and the electronic version and the hard copy available as per your request. All you have to do is read the terms and instructions.
The review process itself does not have a specific time, and you can publish books in any field or even any language, and there are many Arabic books by the way.
This method is very effective if you have some followers through a website or an account on the social media or even a YouTube channel in order to promote your books and get initial sales.
The advantage also in this way is that the more your sales and reviews of your books, the more your book leads to search results for the topic it talks about, and thus you get more sales.
That is why I advise you to start and try this method yourself, as it is very profitable and low risk.


4- Profit from Amazon by selling products
This method is the most difficult to profit from Amazon, because it requires a lot of experience and capital in order to be able to test and experiment, and despite that it is a very profitable method and has made a lot of millionaires.
Amazon is a very large mall located on the Internet, in the mall any person can open a simple store and start selling its products taking advantage of the large number of people who visit this mall every day, on the condition that he makes an agreement with the mall management.

This is a simple example of an Amazon store, as it consists of many sellers, owners of different products and bonds, who sell their products in what is known as the Amazon FBA .
Most of these sellers import products from China after packaging and preparing them in a certain way, and then send them to Amazon warehouses  which take charge of the shipping for you.
Of course there are international bonds dependent on Amazon, there are owners of factories and companies everywhere in the world, who use only traffic from Amazon to obtain sales, because not all sellers depend on importing products from China.

By the way  if you are making or making any product or handcraft, you can sell it in your country using online stores.
This method is not for beginners and requires relatively large capital  because you have to search for products in order to choose a new and suitable product in order to overcome the fierce competition in Amazon.

Then after that you need to contact the suppliers and factory owners in China (through many websites, the most famous of which is and ask them for trial samples.
Then you do a test of these products on Amazon or via paid traffic to know people’s reactions and then order specific quantities of this product and send it to Amazon.

Then you shoot the product or make videos and put description and product properties (everything you see on any product page on Amazon) so you can compete properly.
Therefore, if you are a marketing expert or you have at least $ 1,000 that you can venture into to learn, you may lose it in several months and do not win anything  so I advise you to try.
There are a lot of experts in this field from Arabs on YouTube who you can learn from or contact with them for help.

5- Profit from Amazon through self-employment
This is one of the smartest ways to profit from Amazon, which is not known much about … If you look carefully at all the previous methods, you will find that it needs a certain job or skill.
Let me give you a few examples:
Professional design of T-shirts.
Writing articles to review some products on Amazon or professional comparisons.
Design profit websites from Amazon.

Search for keywords to produce search results, whether within Amazon or for sites that profit from commission marketing.
Writing e-books professionally.
Professional writing to describe products and their features for posting on Amazon.
Design promotional videos for Amazon products.
Search various products to find out the best opportunities to sell new products.
Professional product photography for display on amazon.
Design logos and artwork for sellers to use to package their products.
So if you have one of these skills you can take advantage of the various self-employment sites, offering these services and allocating them only to Amazon.
If you log in to one of these sites (such as Fiverr or Upwork) and write in the Amazon search, you will see many services that you can emulate (and by the way this proves the effectiveness of this method of profit from Amazon and the size of the demand for it).


6- Profit from Amazon through investment
This is the last way to profit from Amazon in this guide is to invest money in buying shares  you can do it from anywhere in the world.
Amazon’s share price is largely fixed  and it increases with time so if you have some money that you can use instead of saving in a traditional way  you can invest in Amazon.
Of course it takes some knowledge to determine the best times
In which you buy and when you sell or perhaps buy a certain number of shares and hold them for a year or two and then sell.

You should know that the share price of Amazon is high (approximately 2000 dollars) due to the company’s strength, high profitability and reputation in the market which led to investor defiance.
There are a lot of people who want to profit from the Internet and profit from Amazon that giant entity is one of the best ways that anyone can start.

Do not waste time because every second you delay  the competition increases and the rules change so choose one of the previous methods based on your skill and start immediately.