Terms of Use

Ha 22 terms of use
This document has been specially prepared to show you our honorable visitor what are the terms and conditions for using our website
It must be noted first that this document must be read carefully to ensure that you understand our terms and conditions, and that you must follow or accept them when using our site.
If you have a question or concern, or would like more information about the special terms and conditions
Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and inquiries.
You can contact us by contacting us on the site.
Or by writing to us on this email zawag @ ha22. com
List of terms and conditions of our site

First, the conditions for the content that the user can add to the site
It is not allowed to write any comments on the articles or pages of the site on its social networking sites, any marketing links, whether for your own website or any affiliate links.
In the event that you do so, we will consider that you have not read our terms and conditions and your comment will be deleted
In the event that this happens, the site management has the right to delete your comment and ban you permanently from making any other comments.
It is not allowed to use any word outside or deviate from the style of fitness when writing any comments on the site’s articles or on the site’s pages on social networking sites.
This is whether to respond to the addict who published the article or the publication, or to respond to one of your fellow visitors to the site or members of its pages on social media.
In the event that you do so, he will follow the same method with you in the first case.
Moreover, the site administration has the right to ban you permanently without warning, and for the first time, according to your persistence in violating fitness rules.
Secondly, the site’s liability limits
Our site is not responsible for any misuse of any of the information or sources contained in its content.
Our site is not responsible for achieving the results that must be obtained when applying one of the strategies or ways to profit from the Internet that publishes it.
As the profit from marketing and electronic commerce depends primarily on the ambition, motives and effort that the user makes.
Our site is not responsible for links to external sources as some sites are canceled and some services cease to exist.
Our site is not responsible for changing any of this.
We provide the user with external resources and links that we feel are valid at a particular time.
That may change and we are not responsible for it.
Our site is not responsible for the stability of the prices of any products that it proposes to its visitors.
For example, our site may suggest to its visitors a specific service with a certain price necessary to implement a specific profit plan.
Our site is not responsible for the change in the price of this service over time as we are not in control of it.
Our website Ha 22 is not responsible for any material loss suffered by the user as a result of applying one of the methods of profit from the Internet proposed by the site.
As the responsibility for any action performed by the user depends primarily on the user.
Our site takes into account in all its topics that they are compatible with international law and international internet laws.
However, everyone is subject to forgetfulness or forgetfulness.
For that site and all its members are not responsible for breaking the law or one of the international Internet laws from one of the site’s users by relying on one of the information or profit methods published on the site.
Therefore, as a user of our website, you must immediately contact the site in case you find any content that violates the laws.
Thirdly, the intellectual property rights of our website
It is not allowed to use the logo or the name of the site or any of its content, whether images or text articles, except with the written permission of the owner of the site.
All content of the site is owned by the owner of the site only and it is not allowed to copy or print any part of the site’s content for the purpose of republishing or distributing
And that is whether after making changes or without changing except in the case that this is done with written permission from the site owner.
It is not allowed to use any part of the site’s content as a post without a link to the site on one of the social media.
The only way to do this is for the user to write a short introduction about a topic with a link to the site’s theme at the end of the introduction.
Our site has the right to add, delete or change any part of the site’s content as it deems compatible with everything new in an online world.
Our website has the right at any time to change, add or delete any item from the terms and conditions in this document.

And thank you for your respect of the terms and conditions of our site when you use it.