The most popular video game 2020 most famous Played Right now

The most popular video game 2020 most famous Played Right now

The most popular video game 2020 most famous Played Right now
The 2020 most popular  video games and gaming has become a popular field in recent years 2020 , and a group of companies have started to deal with this field, whether by making new games, or making devices that bring new technologies in the field of games, as Google did by launching it to the Google Stadia platform or the Playstation 5 that will be launched by Sony in 2020. And also the new Xbox from Microsoft, all indications that the year 2020 will include a set of powerful games in this range, which we are not eager to see closely.
this article aims to achieve this goal, so that we will inform you about the most anticipated games for the year 2020 with its full explanation and most important features as well, so continue our article for the last.



 The Last of Us Part II game:
One of the best video games that every gamer yearns for and eagerly awaits, the first part of The Last of Us has won many nominations and awards, and recently the game was ranked as one of the best games of the last decade according to the famous Metacritic platform.

In the story of The Last Of Us Part II we will notice the return of the story hero “Jules” with some new plans and his companion “Elie” in the lifeboat. The game is of Survival style and has a very good and ideal pivotal story. The game is in the style of open world games and you are free to move around the game. The problem of The Last of Us may be a general problem because it does not support many platforms, it is only available on the Playstation, which makes the ability to play it on other console devices such as the computer is not currently possible. Still, no news about the game has been revealed, except for some of the pictures in which “Jules” appeared, a little old and a young man, and “Eli” grew up in turn, too. The game is expected to be launched on May 29 this year, and will be available as usual only on PlayStation devices, and until the release of the second part, we provide you with a full article here on the first part of the game, The Last of Us.



CyberPunk 2077 game:
Among the games that are expected to achieve great success and win the hearts of millions, especially as the game includes some famous characters headed by “Keanu Reeves”, the hero of the movie series The Matrix and John Wick. And you can notice through the exciting videos and gameplay currently available for the game its strength and the longing of many people for the game. Cyberpunk events take place in the year 2077, and it is an open world game that also allows you to wander around all over the place, you can go cars or just move from one place to another on your feet, in the game you build a completely different gender figure, Then it performs either original or side missions. You will get some money and prizes while performing these tasks that you can use to build your own house, improve your personal abilities, and much more. We might see the game in April this year too. In our article, we have provided a special video explaining everything about the Cyberpunk 2077 game that you may want to watch to learn more about this game:

 Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok game:
Ubisoft will also celebrate a new part of the popular game series Assassin’s Creed, although the company has not set some official launch dates for the game, but we are expected to see the new Assassin’s Creed game in the year 2020. This release will bear the name Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok and will take place in the era of Viking with some new improvements in the game style.


The game for the first time will merge between land and sea so that we will return in this version to sail again in the depths of the seas, an event that we have not seen since the launch of the Black Flag series, as the game will include wars that brought together some countries such as France and Germany, and we will witness the emergence of some kings in the game as well . In this version, you will be able to choose a male or female character to play with according to the leaks, and will also include the game style Co-op 4, as in this mode you will be able to enter the game with a group of 4 other users and accomplish missions in the game in a participatory manner. The sections and details of the game are not ready yet, and only a handful of its leaks have been published and we have compiled it in this article that puts in your hands everything about Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok.

Marvel’s Avengers:
Marvel company, in turn, wants to enter the world of video games in 2020 to compete with the rest of the game manufacturers with its new game Marvel’s Avengers, the game will be completely different and in the game you will be able to acquire and play a group of Marvel characters. The game came under a barrage of criticism when it launched the game’s teaser due to the game’s poor graphics and the lack of simulation of several characters alive, especially characters like Captain America and Hulk, who appear as if they were made in 2014 because of their weak graphics!

The game is of action style and adventures, and in the game you will perform different missions with the characters that are fabricated for you in these missions, the characters of the game will not be immediately available to play, but you will have to develop and play more and more in order to get them. The game will be available on computers, Xbox and also Ps 4, and will be launched in May 2020.

 Microsoft Flight Simulator game:
Many point out that this is not a game but rather a Microsoft aviation training system, but Microsoft itself classifies it as a game and makes it available on consoles such as Xbox, so how can we not classify it as a game? In this game you take the position of a captain of a plane that will perform a set of missions, and you will be able to freely roam your plane according to the leaks, but what is beautiful about this game? What really makes people crave this game? First of all, the graphics that the game will bring in are very fictional, which makes a group of places seem almost real, dear reader. It is true that some computers and devices may not provide high-resolution to play this game, but it will really be fun to try it. The second thing is that anywhere in this world can be visited in the game, yes, and you have believed that you can even visit your personal home while playing Microsoft Flight Simulator. There is still no official date for launching the game, but we certainly will see it in 2020, and it will be available on Xbox and PC and we may see it on Playstation as well.

Half Life: Alyx:
Valve brings back a new part of Half Life, a game that we missed a lot since childhood, in this new version of the game, things will change a lot. First the game will only be available to play through virtual reality glasses, but it will be available to play in some way or another. The game is from the perspective of the First Person Shooter and will come with a set of updated graphic technologies in the VR.
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The game version has the name Alyx in the title and is the character that you will control alongside Alyx’s father, your mission during the game’s development is to fight aliens from abroad and try to get rid of them, the game takes place in a history before the events of the Half Life 2 version also appear. The game is expected to be launched on March 20, 2020.

 Halo Infinite game:
Microsoft will also announce another new game in 2020, which is Halo Infinite. The company has not yet confirmed the exact date for launching the game, but it announced at the E3 conference that it will be launched in 2020.
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This is the sixth edition of the Halo series of games, and the game, according to the trailer launched by the developer at the same conference, indicates the strength and quality of graphics that the game will bring, the game will start with the return of the familiar and powerful warrior to the game, after being awakened by one of the lost in space. In general, the story of the Halo series revolves around the fierce war between an alliance of aliens and humans, who in turn invented and developed solid Suits and weapons capable of confronting aliens. As for the main story in the game, it is still initially unknown, except for the return of war between humans and aliens. The game will be released on Xbox One and also the new generation of Xbox, which will be launched in 2020, and the game will also be available on the computer.

 Minecraft Dungeons:
One of the most famous games in the world now is Minecraft, which is an open 3D game with Pixeled graphics, and it is played by billions of players around the world, but it is not long ago that something new was launched in the game, it is true that updates are released to the version that adds tools and resources New to gameplay but minor gameplay updates only slightly.
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So this year, the developer of Mojang with Xbox Studios decided to launch a new update for the game that will be called Minecraft Dungeons, in this update the game will receive a little bit of gameplay for Diablo, and you will also be able to play with a group of people directly in order to accomplish the missions, yes missions As in this version, you will encounter many puzzles or puzzles that you will have to solve in order to reach a specific goal. Also, graphically, many improvements will be added to the characters of the gameplay, and a graphics will be added that corresponds to the Dungeons on which all the release events revolve, but in terms of the gameplay style, it will not change, but a lot of new resources and new weapons will be added, and don’t forget the monsters as well. The game is slated to launch on April 20, and will be available on both Xbox and PC devices

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine:
Tom Clancy’s games series also features professionalism and power in terms of graphics and style of play as well, the latest version of the game was Tom Clancy’s The Division, which provided an open style of play, and the game also had full support for the Arabic language. Tom Clancy’s versions have different other versions that depend on different patterns such as Deathmatch or PvP like the Rainbow Six Siege version, and this version of the game belongs to the Rainbow Six series, but rather takes place 4 years after the last version of Rainbow Six, and in this version you will face some Aliens also after the emergence of an unknown alien parasite storming the place, now you and your team must investigate the matter so that you will be shot down with your team in the quarantine area in which the space was discovered and you must try to eliminate any aliens in that region.
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In earlier versions like Rainbow Six Siege you had to fight in PvP mode so that you would seek with your team to try to eliminate the other team, but in this version you would have to cooperate with your team in exchange for defeating the new aliens corps. The game is initially launched, and is available for reservation on different platforms such as Uplay and Steam, and is available for play on Xbox, Playstation and also PC.

 Resident Evil 3 Remake game:
One of the games that we played in our childhood and which we liked very much was Resident Evil 3 which was launched in 1999, today the company producing Capcom decided to make a remake of the game with graphic updates that appeared in recent years and more professionally, and it was announced officially in April of the year 2020 too.
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For those who do not know the game, it is a horror game that includes scenes and monsters in the game that may not be suitable for everyone (imagine the old graphic monsters in a new way that will definitely be more horror), taking in the game the character “generation” of the Star team, which is a team Specialized in eliminating zombies and ridding the city of them in an attempt to seize a weapon that will eliminate everyone if it is turned on. The game previously was only available on the Playstation, but this time it will be available on the PC as well, for play

 Watch Dogs: Legion:
The Watch Dogs games series is also perfect and professional, and you can spend a very long time playing it, and we will be happy to inform you that an upcoming version of the Watch Dogs series of games will bear the name Legion will be available in March 2020.
Learn about the most anticipated video games of the year 2020
It is an open world game set in the British city of London, available for gameplay from a third-person perspective. In Legion, you will be able to control many characters while playing, which you can choose from the game settings, but in the event of the death of one of the characters, it will be difficult for you to bring it back to life and play with it again, while the new in all games for the year 2020 is the Co-Op, which allows For a group of players accessing the game and completing missions in a participatory rather than competitive way, Watch Dogs Legion also comes with this online gameplay. Watch Dogs game in general and Legion in particular focus on hacking and hacking modules, in this version you will also have to do a set of hacks with the help of some software in order to detect other hackers and try to overcome them in different modes of the game, you can perform side missions of course or only Getting around the city, the game is open world style. The game will be launched in March of the year 2020 and will be available to play on the PC, Playstation and Xbox as well. There are a lot of other video games that will be launched in 2020, but we have tried to derive the most famous and anticipating ones