Ways to light your home in modern fashion 2020




Ways to light your home in modern fashion 2020

Lighting is of great importance in home decorations in addition to the practical aspect of lighting every corner of your home it is a piece of basic decoration that gives any space a distinctive appearance.



Choosing successful lighting pieces helps harmonize home decor highlighting artifacts in your home such as wall paintings curtains statues and more The lighting units vary in terms of shape design lighting strength and color and we find lighting units with

a yellow light which is preferable to use with the classic style or the English character in decoration also we find lighting units colored or white light In general choosing the right lighting for your home requires not only the choice of the strength and color of the lighting but also the lighting method whether side top or indirect as well as the way to distribute it perfectly.

Discover a range of modern lighting methods and some tips for choosing the type of lighting for every room in your home.

Lighting the hallway in a modern way

The entrance to the house is a vital space in your home that you should not overlook especially when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures The entrance to the house is responsible for the first impression of your home which is the space for welcoming guests as soon as they enter So lighting is one of the most important pieces to carefully choose at the entrance to your home to give it a feeling of welcome and beauty You can use a series of pendant lights with a modern design that will help highlight the walls as well as the entrance stylishly And do not forget to add some pots of plants at the entrance to the house as it attracts positive energy and gives any space a feeling of vitality.

Often we overlook some pieces of lighting as non-essential including side lighting in the bedrooms although they are necessary pieces in the room.

Many believed that the side lighting units in the bedrooms are a way to beautify the tables on either side of the bed only In fact, it plays an important role in the distribution of lighting, and is a practical and quick solution when you need to do at night to drink a cup of water read your favorite book before bed or use it as dim lighting units to add more romance to your bedroom Wall mounted side lighting units will give you the light you need without taking up space on the table.

Colorful lighting units

Although the aesthetic aspect of colored lighting units may outweigh its practical side it is a distinctive piece in your home decor.

The colors give any space more vitality and fun and the color lighting units have a special charm and elegant appearance If you prefer to use colored lighting units, you should take some important advice into consideration the most important of which is that these pieces do not fit in the office rooms where the color affects lighting and also it is not preferred to use them in children’s rooms especially if their rooms are intended for study as well You can use the color lighting units in the living rooms or in your favorite corner of the house You can also use it as a side lighting unit with the basic lighting units in your home and use it when needed.

Wall lighting units appeared many years ago with classic designs but they have returned in an elegant modern style to become one of the main lighting pieces in the house.

Wall lighting units have several advantages the most important of which is to distribute the lighting perfectly in your home and highlight some art pieces of decoration Wall lighting pieces are also an essential piece if you like reading Wall lighting modules can be arranged vertically or horizontally according to your desire and you can control their height and installation in the place you prefer.

Many funky pieces of light appeared with a modern twist to give the house a different look.

If you want to rejuvenate your home decor or give an unconventional touch to a corner try choosing unconventional lighting unit designs or choose at least one piece of different design To attract attention you can place the lighting piece of different design in the front wall Different pieces of lighting obscure the use of wall decor and add life to single color walls.




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