What are the most common problems and difficulties in freelancer work ?




What are the most common problems and difficulties in freelancer work ?
There is no doubt that freelancing is one of the most enjoyable types of work, especially if you choose the field that you really like, but in reality there is no work without problems and of course there are problems that meet the freelancer, especially at the beginning of his work.

In this article, we will review together the most important and most famous problems that you will face in the field of self-employment in order to be aware of the nature of work, and you are expected and ready to face these problems and solve them.



The nine months of freelance problems on the Internet
In fact, I do not feel that the list below is problems in the literal sense of the word, but rather challenges that you can deal with, and sometimes you can turn them into benefits or advantages in your favor.

1- Find the starting point
One of the biggest problems that would meet anyone who decided to enter the freelancing world is how do I get started? Do I have enough experience in my field and specialty, which allows me to enter effectively in the world of self-employment, and allows me to compete?

In fact, this is a very important and dangerous point, but to deal with it you must be aware that the process of learning in self-employment is an ongoing process.

Therefore, you do not have to wait until you become a professional in your field to actually start entering the workforce and implement projects for others, wherever you have the opportunity, start gradually entering the workforce, learn from your experiences and experiences and continue to learn.

2- Freedom
In fact, freedom is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives you as many options and manage your time as you want.

But on the other hand, it is not always in your interest, because the absolute freedom to manage your life and work that freelance allows, may cause a lot of time wasted, and a lack of ability to accomplish because of the lack of a watchdog.

The bottom line is that although freedom is one of the most remarkable features of self-employment, it requires you to do more to organize your time and set rules for your life in order to be able to do well.

3- The imperative of continuous development and learning
Self-employment is closely related to technology, technology is always evolving, and you have to keep pace with this development.

For example, if you are a designer, you should learn to deal with the modern and more complex versions of the programs used. If you are a writer, you should read more in your writing field in order to produce better articles, and until you find ideas for new topics. Here as long as you choose something you care about and love it from the ground up, this challenge will just become fun.

4- Finding work
Finding enough work is one of the biggest challenges facing the freelancer, especially since there are more people on the job market than jobs, which makes competition fierce and reduces the price.

But if you focus on the quality of your business and the value you provide to the customer, and build a strong personal brand, your chances of choosing the client will increase for you and competition will not become a problem that worries you.

Also, sharing your information with others is an effective way to attract attention and get new customers, whether by posting blogs or videos, or through social media activity to highlight your great experience in your field of work.

Here, you do not have to be afraid to share your information and experiences with others, because the client hires you because he does not have the time, skill, or experience to do what you do.

There is also an important point that you must be well aware of. It is that most of the time, getting more work is not the best way to earn more money, but rather it is about getting a better job.

5- Determine the cost of your business
Determining the cost is a tricky item, and dealing with it randomly may make you lose a lot of customers, or it may not be fair for you. The cost component is a very important component for your customers, and it has a major impact on completing the agreement between you and the customer.

Sometimes the high price is evidence of quality and professionalism, and this may attract a certain type of customer, but the actual work quality here if not according to the required level, this will lose you future opportunities to deal with your customers again, or it may affect your reputation and thus lose you opportunities to deal With new clients.

On the other hand, a low cost will attract many customers who put the cost as a primary decision-making element, but the low cost may be unjust to you, and it will not enable you to complete your business with the required quality and thus ultimately return to the loss of your customers.

To deal with all of this complexity and complexity of determining the cost of your business, you need to be smart and careful in determining the prices of your business, so they are neither lower than the current prices nor higher than the current prices.

Be up to date on the prices of the services provided in your field, and stay away from offering your services cheaper than the price that you previously set, except when necessary, because this damages your reputation and may disturb some of the previous clients that you worked with.

Finally, do not be exploited or greedy and remember that some things only come with the passage of time and invest in yourself and raise the level of your business quality is the only way to raise the cost.

6- Receiving financial dues
There are many aspects of the problem of receiving financial dues, and below I will put in points the most important of these aspects and how to deal with each of them:

Erecting operations and long-term financial receivables

The internet world is the same as the real world, in which you will find procrastinators and sometimes you will find scammers and swindlers as well, in fact the monument on the Internet is more widespread than it is on the ground.

Although there is no foolproof prescription to avoid swindling operations, focusing and dealing with caution and creating an expanded knowledge network and avoiding dealing with suspicious account holders will spare you a lot of swindling operations.

Payment method

Freelance online depends mainly on electronic payment methods, and this only necessitates you dealing with customers who provide suitable payment methods for you, and this may lead you to lose some customers accordingly. Here to avoid this problem you have to deal with modern electronic payment methods and do not limit yourself to one way to receive your money.

Negotiate the cost after completing the work

An agreement is made between you and the work on a certain amount to complete a specific work. You complete the work to the fullest extent, the customer starts negotiations again about the cost of the work. This is a scenario that takes place in the world of self-employment, and you should expect it, because there are clients of this type.

To deal with this problem, you must inform the customer with a discount about the cost, and try to write a contract between you and him according to the agreed cost. On the other hand, you must complete the work according to the agreement, and this is so that you are not the reason to renegotiate the cost.

7- Health problems
Freelance work on the Internet requires many hours of sitting in front of the computer screen, and it requires a lot of effort and focus.

This often leaves negative health effects, such as poor eyesight, obesity, neck and back pain, and poor long-term focus. In fact, in our time, there are a lot of jobs and jobs that need sitting in front of a computer screen like freelance.

But in any case, by taking breaks and trying to keep up with exercise and healthy eating, you can avoid most of the health problems you may face as a disbeliever.

8- You do everything
All administrative work that is distributed to the employees in the companies is entrusted to you alone in Freelancing, and you have to do them all such as: wages statements if a team worked with you, accounting, legal matters, sales, marketing, and project management, Everything in addition to the work you contracted with the customer to do.

To deal with this problem you have to be responsible and able to organize tasks, ideas and responsibilities.

9- Problems related to the nature of clients themselves
The nature of Freelancing via the Internet requires the Freelancer to interact with people by default and from all parts of the world, and each person has a different nature and different cultural backgrounds.

In the field of self-employment, you may encounter problems related to the nature of the clients themselves. This is a list of some types of problem customers, with suggestions for how to deal with each of them.

Professional swindler

A fraudulent client often targets novices who are independent and do not have enough experience. This fraudulent client can be a fake company or anonymous account.

Here you have to confirm the identity of the customer before starting to deal with him, and when discovering anything suspicious, avoid this customer permanently.

The customer who constantly postpones the payment

This type is one of the clients who prefers fraud in another way, this client may have a reliable and suspicious account, but dealing with it in the financial aspect is inconvenient because of his constant desire to postpone and delay until you stop claiming your investigation.

Here you have to be decisive with this type of customer and keep claiming until he gets your dues, and you can try to find a broker to help you receive your dues.

The customer with irrational requests

You may find a customer requesting requests that are far from your specialty, or asking you to complete more than one task under a single task agreement and cost. In this case, you have to be clear about what you can provide specifically, and you must explain to the customer that some points are outside the scope of your work if the situation warrants for that.

The customer is not always satisfied

You may be met by a customer who has dissatisfaction with the service or project you are doing, and although you find it good from your technical point of view, or from the point of view of one of your colleagues, he always tends to put it in a defective situation no matter how you try to modify it for the better.

In fact, the client may do this because of the perfectionist nature of his character, or he may do so for the purpose of tampering to evade the payment of your remaining financial dues.

Therefore, you must first check the quality of your work by presenting it to a colleague, then address the customer in a confident tone, and offer the idea of ​​consulting a neutral person to separate you.

A reluctant customer who does not know exactly what he wants

This client really does not know exactly what he wants, and this represents a great risk because because of this he will never be completely satisfied, because he does not have a model that he uses to measure your business, this in addition to the fact that he will ask you a lot of stressful adjustments that may revolve in a vicious circle.

You have to deal with this client with one of two approaches: the first approach is to give him the opportunity to formulate his project clearly and specifically, and the second approach is to give him a clear and explicit project proposal to start implementing it directly.

The customer who requests to stop the project after starting it

You may meet a customer requesting the cancellation of the service or project in the middle of the business, with either logical or illogical justification. The best behavior in this situation is to cope with the client’s desire directly without controversy, but only if you compensate for the part you have completed from the project.

The customer who always pushes to deliver the service or project before the agreed date

This type of customer will exert psychological pressure and repeated correspondence to deliver his project before the agreed date, here you have to be strict and frank, and ask him to review the agreements concluded between you and him in the date of delivery, and tell him that you are only committed to the agreed dates


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